A Vision for Jackson

I firmly believe that we live in one of the greatest communities in this state. Some families have lived here since the 1800’s, with no plans to leave. Others have moved into Jackson County in the last 15 years because of our great small town environment. We all have two things in common, we chose this great community, and we don’t want to leave. As our community moves forward, we need a vision for what Jackson County will look like over the next decade. I believe it should be the great people of Jackson County, not government, that will shape this vision.

As I crisscross this county talking to each of you, I see a common vision. The people of Jackson County want jobs, we want our children to have careers here without moving to Cobb or Fulton. But, we don’t want to see our great community swallowed by the monstrous growth down I-85. We have too much economic potential to serve as one giant warehouse for the city of Atlanta. We’ve been told that we must choose between our community, or economic growth. I think that is a false choice. Jackson County is ripe for the type of locally owned, small business growth that has made America the greatest nation on earth.

We need to get government out of the way and allow our economy to grow. As Brian Kemp says, we must take a chainsaw to government regulations and make it easier to start a business. This begins by taking a serious look at licensing requirements in this state. A cosmetologist shouldn’t require 10x the training as an EMT. We also need to stop giving handouts to companies like Windstream and Amazon and open the market to competition. We need real, meaningful tax reform that helps small business and working class families. That’s why I support eliminating the state income tax, as do candidates Hunter Hill and Michael Williams.

We also need to equip our children to succeed. Instead of giving students an option between a 4 year degree or a 2 year trade school, we should encourage students to begin a skills based education in highschool. That’s why I support Casey Cagle’s career academies, which equip students to enter the workforce with marketable skills to succeed.

Economic prosperity is an attainable goal for this county. With reliable broadband internet, a business friendly tax code, and less burdensome regulations this vision can become a reality. I want a Jackson County where our children can find work without moving to Atlanta, and our grandchildren can still enjoy a small town atmosphere. In January of 2019 we will have a new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and Insurance Commissioner. Now is the time to chart our path forward. As your representative I will fight to reduce the size and scope of government, so we can make this vision our future.

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