Sam Thomas for Georgia State House of Representatives District 31

“Jackson County should be leading the fight for conservatism in the state of Georgia. We are one of the most conservative districts in the nation, living in one of the most conservative states. Yet the priorities of our General Assembly have not reflected that.

We live in a state where the right to protest is protected to the highest possible standard, but religious expression is considered a second-class right. Even liberal states like Illinois and Connecticut have more legal protection for religious liberty than Georgia. That needs to change.

For close to two decades our citizens have sought meaningful conservative tax reform, but during the 2017 session the legislature’s biggest tax reform priority was a deduction for millionaires to repair luxury yachts.* That one measure alone is projected to cost the state $1 million, but it does nothing to help the citizens of Jackson County.

Common sense tells us that an unborn child is a human being. For too long, Georgia lawmakers have publicly expressed dismay over the horror of abortion, but when the time to vote has come, some of them have abandoned the pro-life movement. That needs to change.

These are just three examples of the misplaced priorities of our General Assembly; the fat cats in Atlanta have shown that they are more interested in corporate welfare than in the conservative values of the everyday citizen. That needs to change.

Jackson County deserves bold, new leadership that will fight for the values of its citizens at the state level. Our people are among the most conservative in the nation; it’s time our leadership reflected that. That’s why I am running to represent the people of the 31st district in the Georgia House of Representatives”